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 Da rules.

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Da rules. Empty
PostSubject: Da rules.   Da rules. EmptyMon Jun 06, 2011 8:02 pm

Spam of any kind = 10 warning. (Such as putting tons of smileys in a single post.)
Triple posting = 5 warning. (You receive 5 warning every time you post in-a-row after this.)
Bumping a topic = 15 warning.
Flame = 25 warning. (Flaming will not be tolerated.) And Flame baiting is the equivelence of this.
Racism = 20 warning.
Sexism = 30 warning.
Starting useless topics = 15 warning.
Showing pictures or websites containing nudity = 50 warning
Continuous off-topic or useless posts = 10 warning.
Showing, explaining or posting a link containing illegal content = 40 warning.
Advertising without administration's approval = 15 warning.
Alternate account = 30 warning.
2 Alternate accounts = 50 warning.
Hacking the forums = Ban.
Having an avatar, username or signature containing anything talked about in this topic = 25 warning plus the amount of the original rule.
Posting in locked topics if you are not a mod = 10 warning.
Making topics insulting other members = 30 warning
Having scary pictures for an avatar/signature = 20 Warning
High ranks abusing power = 10 Warning
Taking away your warning = 20 Warning + your old warning back
Warning someone without sending a pm with the warning form = 5 Warning
Creating a Administration Poll = Demotion or 1 day ban
Off topic posting = 5 Warning
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Da rules.
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